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STEP 1: Select modules from the left column.



STEP 2: Select Order Total from the options listed under Modules.


STEP 3: All the modules related to order total are listed on order total modules page.

STEP 4: From the list of all the listed modules, select AvaTax module.



STEP 5: Click install to install the module.

STEP 6: Click edit to fill in all the required information such as Avalara Company Code, Account Type, Sales Tax Description etc..



STEP 7: Once the information is filled, click update.



The AvaTax module is installed in the system.


AvaTax Administration section provides the user with configuration, setup and utility functions necessary to administer the AvaTax sales tax calculation and address validation functions.

To achieve this in our system, we have created a menu in the configuration settings (in the left column) titled as Avalara Configuration.

The Avalara Configuration screen is divided into four different tabs.

1. Security Tab
Allows the user to specify the configuration/connection information.


Disable Document Committingcheckbox: To disable control for committing documents.

Enable logging checkbox: To enable control to log entries and display in log table.

Exemption No field: Hold any value to flag the transaction as exempt.


This Tab has two buttons at the bottom.
    1.  Test connection: To test the connection to the AvaTax service and verifies the AvaTax credentials.

    2. Update button: To save configuration/connection information if modified.

2. Tax Calculation tab


Disable tax calculation checkbox: An option to turn on or off the AvaTax Calculation module.

3. Address Validation tab

Disable address validation checkbox: To disable address validation.

List to choose countries to be used for Address Validation.

4. LOG Tab

Display log entries.

Tax Mapping Guide

TAX Codes are of two types:
1.CUSTOM TAX CODES: User defined tax codes in AVATAX admin panel.

2. AVATAX TAX CODES: Pre-defined AVATAX Tax codes in AVATAX admin Panel.



STEP 1: Export the desired tax code CSV from the AVATAX admin panel.

Please note: Save the file in CSV format.

STEP 2: Click on Tools > Import AvaTax Codes.

STEP 3: A list of AVATAX codes will display. Click on insert to import new AVATAX code File.

Step 4:  Choose the file and Click Save. The Tax codes will be uploaded successfully.



Step 1:  Click Catalog > Categories.

Step 2:  Select the desired Category.

Step 3:  In the right action box, select Click to Map.

Step 4:  Write the desired Tax code in the textbox, the autocomplete will populate the corresponding matches.

Step 5:  Click Map Avalara Tax Code button to map the tax code with the category.


Step 6:  There will be a simple alert box to prompt that Tax Codes has been successfully mapped.

Step 6:  There mapped Tax Code will be visible here.

Similarly we can map tax codes to sub-categories and products.

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