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Pages can be easily added to your site to provide viewers with information about your business, announcements, or background information or anything else you want to share. To add a new information page do the following:

1. Log in to the backend (blue screen) of your site. Locate the "Edit Info Pages" button.

2. Clicking the "Edit Info Pages"  button will take you to the page where info pages can be edited. On this page, click the "New" button.

3. You will be taken to a page where you can enter and format your desired content. The following image explains what each field does.
Typing in your page title, page content, and clicking the save icon are the minimum recommended steps to creating a page. Leaving the other fields at their default or blank settings should suffice, but if you find that your new page does not show up with your other information pages, these other options can ensure that your page shows up where and how you want. These necessary steps are highlighted with an orange circle and step number.

4. Once you have these basic steps, you may want to format your text. The image below explains some of the frequently-used components of the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.)

1) "Source" allows you to edit the html for the page content. This gives you the most control of page content, but should only be used if you are familiar with html code.
2) Save Button - This is where you click to save your changes
3) List feature - Formats your content as a list.
4) Center - Aligns your text to center. Great for headlines. Not recommended for the bulk of your text.
5) Link - Explained below
6) Add Image - Explained below
7) Insert table - generates rows and columns in which content can be added.
8) Change font face, size and color - Highlight the text to be formatted. Select any of these buttons and chose desired format. New format will be applied.

Create a hyperlink  

Type link text in page. Select this text. Click link button. In the pop-up box, enter url to which you want the text to link. Click ok. (If you want the link to open in a new window, go to the "Target" tab and select "New Window (_blank)". This is a good idea to do for links to other websites so that your website stays open for the viewer to easily return to.

Add Image

Opens a pop up box. In the top tab of this box, select "Upload". Choose an image from your computer and select "Send it to the Server".

If you want to link your image to a webpage, select the "Link" tab on this box.

Enter the URL for the desired webpage, and target _blank if you want it to open in a new window. Click green "ok" button to insert image into your page and to close this box.

5. Once saved, information pages can be edited using these same processes.
6. Many of our site layouts include a box that shows links to all information pages for easy access. If you do not have this box, and want to find the url of your new page, you can figure it out. Find an existing page url such as Find the ID number of the page and paste it in place of the number in your known page url. The -i-8.html is the necessary portion of the url, so you should be able to replace the "about-us" text or whatever text might be in that space in your url. Since this text is not functional, you do not need to worry about getting your page title exactly right in this spot. Just do not leave spaces between words. Paste this url into your navigation bar to visit the new page.
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